Action A1: Fixed Line Connectivity

There is an urgent and sustained need to stimulate private investment in FTTP and other high speed connectivity technologies for Birmingham. We will take steps to nurture working relationships with new and smaller operators to help them better understand the opportunities available by investing in the city. We will facilitate the sharing of infrastructure by introducing businesses as part of our eco-system approach, to drive collaborative working and joint investment.
Where public funding is available, we will use it to develop initiatives that stimulate demand for high speed services, resulting in greater availability of such services and widespread growth in the availability of open access infrastructure.

Stakeholders identified

  • Telecommunications suppliers
  • BCC planning and regeneration department
  • Digital Birmingham

Potential Stakeholders

  • New entrants and or smaller telecommunications suppliers
  • Birmingham landlords and developers

What makes this approach Smart?

Open access infrastructure supports market competition and shared infrastructure brings carbon and economic benefits

Short Term Actions

  • Continue to engage with private investors to encourage and sustain new investment in high speed connectivity services
  • Continue to foster internal BCC relationships to educate staff and stakeholders on the benefits and leverage of high speed connectivity in public service delivery
  • Design and deliver a voucher scheme designed to help businesses with the costs associated with connectivity to a high speed service

Future Actions

In development

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