Action A2: Wireless Connectivity

The rapid proliferation of mobile devices means consumers increasingly expect to be able to connect to a reliable, high speed wireless service wherever they are. Birmingham will continue its drive for ubiquitous high speed wireless coverage by focusing on several areas.
These include: continued negotiations with potential providers to improve the availability of free public Wi-Fi across the city; encouraging mobile network operators to expand and improve their mobile networks in Birmingham by making it increasingly easier and cheaper to do so; and working with landlords and developers to consider wireless connectivity for their developments in a holistic manner, to ensure superb coverage both inside and outside of properties.

Stakeholders identified

  • Telecommunications suppliers
  • Mobile network operators
  • BCC planning and regeneration department
  • Digital Birmingham

Potential Stakeholders

  • Birmingham landlords and developers

What makes this approach Smart?

Affordable Wi-Fi connections are key to digital inclusion and working with developers is about future proofing the city

Short Term Actions

  • Create a free public Wi-Fi network across Birmingham city centre
  • Expand the availability of free public Wi-Fi to as many public buildings as possible
  • Enable mobile network operators to use street infrastructure to expand and build capacity in mobile networks

Future Actions

  • Ensure all new developments consider digital connectivity as part of their planning proposals

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