Action A3: Data Services

As connectivity improves, businesses will become more aware of the services that can be delivered through it. Helping people to better understand what services like cloud computing, managed services, voice over IP telephony and data storage are, and the benefits they can deliver for their business, is essential.
We will work to educate businesses on the benefit of data services and encourage their uptake. We will encourage providers of data centre services to locate within the WM region and secure the creation of an internet exchange in Birmingham.

Stakeholders identified

  • Data centre organisations
  • The London Internet Exchange
  • Data service providers

Potential Stakeholders

  • Big data users
  • Businesses that require excellent connectivity

What makes this approach Smart?

Businesses understanding how to use connectivity and data services will increase economic output, can support carbon reduction and can support new business models

Short Term Actions

  • Work with data centre organisations, the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and local developers to develop attractive proposals to encourage their location in Birmingham
  • Develop a programme of business support activities to educate businesses on the benefits of data services

Future Actions

In development

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