Action B1: Implementing the Digital Blueprint

The Digital Blueprint contains 10 far reaching recommendations for improving current and future digital infrastructure.  To apply these practical processes, procedures need to be  agreed for the council and developers to:


  • Provide expert guidance to planners/developers
  • Supervise installation and location of ducting
  • Resolve funding and ownership of ducting and state aid implications aid.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC planning and regeneration department
  • Digital Birmingham

Potential Stakeholders

  • Commercial developers
  • Housing associations
  • Universities

What makes this approach Smart?

Joined up early planning enables better integration and use of infrastructure

Short Term Actions

  • Seek guidance from the European Commission
  • Review good practice elsewhere, e.g. Bristol and Rediffusion, Manchester and Oxford Street development (INCA)
  • Resolve city procedures for gathering planning and location information in a standard format

Future Actions

  • Consider procurement of an ‘open access ducting’ partner to manage and enable utilisation of ducting
  • Assess planned developments to identify target areas for implementation (e.g. Icknield Port Loop) and link to Action B2

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