Blueprint for a Smart City


– 10 Best Practice Recommendations –

During the development of the Smart City Roadmap Digital Birmingham has worked together with a group of people that are involved in city planning, regeneration and digital infrastructure. They discussed how best to embed digital infrastructure (e.g. cabling for broadband connectivity, wireless connections) into the development and redevelopment of buildings and areas. As a result, the group published 10 recommendations ‘Blueprint for a Smart City‘ . 

Here are the principles:
  • Any development should be provided with wired and wireless connectivity throughout, to the highest standards of current bandwidth, with the capacity to expand to foreseeable growth and using open approaches to enable competition in provision.
  • New or renovated buildings should be built to contain sufficient space for current and anticipated future needs for technology infrastructure such as broadband cables; and of materials that do not impede wireless connectivity. Spaces for the support of fixed cabling and other infra structures should be easily accessible. And the overall physical fabric – especially the interior structure – should be as flexible as possible in order to facilitate future changes in use.
  • Any new development should install open access ducting infrastructure when laying other utilities. It should run from each unit to a concentration point and its location published in an acceptable GIS format. Ownership should be transferred to the City Council unless it has been installed by an open access service provider. Any new development should demonstrate it has given due consideration to the sustainability, scalability and resilience of technology infrastructure as a key asset over an extended timeframe.

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