Action B2: Regulating infrastructure planning

The Birmingham Development Plan (BDP) will be finalised in 2014  and continued engagement is required to embed the Digital Communications Planning Policy (TP45). To move from optional planning guidance to mandatory requirements, we need to build the understanding of the current planning  landscape, building regulations and standards in place, together with BCC’s Planning and Regeneration department, developers and industry regulators.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC planning and Regeneration department
  • Digital Birmingham

Potential stakeholders

  • Commercial developers
  • Housing associations
  • Universities
  • Regulators and standards bodies

What makes this approach smart?

Cross sector approach to align the systems and processes for planning and development.

Short-term actions

  • Continue to monitor and progress blueprint principles through the continuing processes of BDP development and ratification of the Digital Communications Planning Policy (TP45)
  • Create a focus group with planners, developers and industry regulators to understand current guidance and legislation, and develop a ‘memorandum of understanding’ that will embed the key principles of the Smart City vision into planning policy and building regulations for all major development/redevelopment schemes in Birmingham.
  • Work with universities, colleagues in BCC, other local authorities and the wider industry to understand the feasibility and impact of new digital planning regulations
  • Develop a Birmingham business case evaluating suitable regeneration locations and infrastructure requirements, complemented with detailed information gained from Actions B1 & B2 (e.g. based on Longbridge and St Modwen)

Future Actions

In development

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