Action C2: Future City Platform (FCP)

To create a data platform that can host, process and trade data, which includes commercial or confidential data and reuse available public open data. The aim of the FCP is to create a vehicle that can stimulate wider economic activity and become a commercial venture. The functionality is much enhanced compared to the BCC Open Data portal. The FCP will engage data owners in Birmingham and the wider region and be linked to a business engagement / support programme.  It will learn from the success or failure of existing open data portals and be developed through an iterative approach in consultation with data users and information providers.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC / Digital Birmingham
  • Birmingham City University; Aston University

Potential stakeholders

  • Developers, data analysts
  • Other academic and research institutions
  •  Commercial data users
  • Open data communities in other UK, European and International cities

What makes this approach smart?

  • Smart cities maximise the use of data for planning and monitoring city operations
  • Creating the infrastructure that allows all market participants to make use of and commercialise data will add economic value.

Short-term actions

  • Create business case and develop business model for a self-sustainable service
  • Develop funding mechanisms and bid(s) for grant funding to pump prime development
  • Identify relevant data sources including through crowd-sourcing and negotiate release
  • Exchange experience with other cities 

Future actions

Potentially explore commercial venture

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