Action D1: Digital Inclusion Strategy

In response to Birmingham’s high level of social deprivation and the continuing drive to put more public services online, we are creating a Digital Inclusion Strategy for Birmingham. The strategy will focus on affordable access for all citizens, in particular: social housing tenants; basic digital skills development based on citizens’ needs and interests; and support for small businesses and entrepreneurs to gain value from digital connectivity and skills.

Stakeholders identified

  • Digital Birmingham / BCC

Potential stakeholders

  • Digital inclusion organisations such as Tinder Foundation or Learn Direct
  • Third sector such as RnR and RAWM
  • Housing associations
  • Broadband and wireless providers

What makes this approach smart?

A joined up, cross sector approach that aims to integrate efforts and redesign processes for better digital inclusion

Short-term actions

Scoping exercise to develop Digital Inclusion Strategy for consultation with a small number of partners initially, that can be extended to wider Birmingham community.

Future actions

  • Launch Digital Inclusion Strategy in 2014 for consultation
  • Embed the Digital Inclusion Strategy in the Smart City Roadmap

2 thoughts on “Action D1: Digital Inclusion Strategy”

  1. I’m pleased that my organisation (RnR Organisation) is seen as a potential stakeholder in the digital inclusion strategy – working with SMEs in the voluntary and community sector, especially minority and grassroots groups, we are definitely advocates of affordable access and involvement in Smart Cities for all citizens – here’s a link to a blog we wrote about this

  2. I thought I’d make another comment on this action, this time with my ‘RAWM Comms Manager’ hat on. For those who don’t know about it, RAWM is part of the infrastructure of the Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS), a membership organisation for VCS organisations, as well as those organisations and individuals who have an interest in such work, within the West Midlands. It is actively engaged in encouraging VCS groups to be ‘social’ and as such, supported the first unconference for infrastructure organisations, VCSSCamp, held in 2013. It tweets regularly from 2 accounts (@_rawm and @HealthwatchWM) and each account has over 800 and over 300 followers respectively. We want to ‘do more with digital’ and we want the VCS to do more too, always remembering to make it affordable.

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