Action D2: Digital Champions

To create a network of digital champions through GO ON Birmingham which is linked to a National Campaign of people that can help others engage with technology in their community,  workplace or home, by creating 2,000 digital champions made up of citizens, employees and businesses across Birmingham.

Stakeholders identified

  • Digital Birmingham
  • Housing Associations
  • Chamber of commerce

Potential stakeholders

  • Social enterprises
  • Tinder Foundation
  • Digital Unite
  • Telecommunication providers

What makes this approach smart?

Actively promoting and increasing digital skills will improve social and economic ability of citizens

Short-term actions

  • To launch a booklet (toolkit) and resources that can be used to help others learn digital skills and get online
  • To enable the digital champions to network so they can act as a conduit for important communications around digital inclusion

Future actions

  • Increase the network, especially with employers to ensure employees have the digital skills to improve their careers and move the business forward
  • Use digital champions network to act as a test users of the Birmingham Living Lab to trial any new software / technologies that may be developed as part of the Smart City Roadmap

2 thoughts on “Action D2: Digital Champions”

  1. It strikes me that ‘surgeons’ who offer their services to people from voluntary organisations/community groups/charities at social media surgeries, as organised by Nick Booth (@podnosh), are digital champions already using the definition in this action, and many of the ‘patients’ who come to the surgeries could be future digital champions

  2. I agree, it would be great to know who and where these people are so that we can highlight the digital talent that Birmingham has and how we can work together to help each other.

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