Action D3: Virgin 10,000 Volunteers Programme

Virgin will be setting up TechJams with Birmingham City University and BCC. TechJams are free and fun digital making clubs. They are designed to work for absolute beginners and tech-savvy experts. We know that anyone can be a digital maker. Our approach is to learn by doing by using the thousands of free and easy-to-use tools that are readily available on the internet.  This will enable people to learn digital skills but also make useful applications from open data that can help the wider community, as well as develop ideas and innovative projects.

Stakeholders identified

  • Virgin
  • Birmingham City University
  • Digital Birmingham

Potential stakeholders

  • SMEs, students and citizens interested in ‘digital making’

What makes this approach smart?

Cross sector working to maximise impact and increase digital skills required for work and life

Short-term actions

Launch TechJams in 2014

Future actions

  • Identify innovative projects and apps which have been made from those taking part in the TechJams, and to promote them for wider consumption
  • Use skills and apps for wider public and private consumption and to help develop any new software / technologies that may be developed as part of the Smart City Roadmap

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