Action E2: Support delivery of the Midlands i-Tech Hub

The aim is to create an information economy industrial partnership, which can strengthen skills development so that it is responsive to industry needs. It can build cross sector capacity from education to employment to tackle the digital skills deficit and create the intelligence to anticipate and match skills to future demand This Hub will create an employer-driven eco-system linked to schools, SMEs, larger organisations and HE/FE. It will focus on creating a pipeline of digital skills and talent from education to employment that: supports ready access to digital apprentices; facilitates SME growth and capacity building across the supply chain; encourages entrepreneurship; and increases job opportunities for young people across the GBSLEP region as part of their skills and growth agenda. The Hub will deliver fit for industry training, establish apprenticeships and various operating models so that every SME benefits and assist SMEs to drive productivity, growth and ambition. Key technology areas will include: data analytics, cyber security, big data, cloud and mobile computing.

Stakeholders identified

  • Birmingham Metropolitan College
  • BCC
  • Employment & Skills Board and GBSLEP
  • Digital Birmingham
  • Mercato
  • MediaSmiths Training
  • Sector netowrks, e.g. Digital Media Businesses

Potential stakeholders

  • SMEs
  • Vendors (IBM, CISCO, Microsoft, HP, Adobe)
  • Vendor certification bodies
  • Neighbouring LEPs
  • Aston University

What makes this approach smart?

A cross sector partnership that aims to integrate processes for training and employment

Short-term actions

Develop proposal for Midlands i-Tech Hub

Future actions

  • Scope and develop digital economy-specific apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programmes to make this offer more commercially attractive for SMEs using new business models.
  • Model able to respond to SME sector needs and capacity and training needs in areas of coding, programming and data

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