Action E4: Innovating Learning in a Smart City

Students live in a world with anytime, anywhere access to information at their fingertips. Harnessing technology that they are at ease with, can change each and every lesson and promote self-learning outside the classroom. The opportunity for learners to ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) can help today’s students prepare for the future by building collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. BYOD recognises that students live in a multimedia world where they prioritise visual learning, demand creativity, learn through trial and error, and constantly connect and collaborate using information that is live and linked. Promoting initiatives to ensure no child is disadvantaged (socially or educationally) via access to personal connected devices in and out of the classroom will support new learning models and ubiquitous virtual learning. The aim is to explore and where feasible to move to a BYOD approach.

Stakeholders identified

  • Birmingham City Council Education & Skills
  • Birmingham City Learning Centre
  • Birmingham e-Learning Foundation
  • Digital Birmingham
  • School clusters

Potential stakeholders

  • Solution providers
  • Education partnerships
  • Aston University

What makes this approach smart?

Future learning models based on integrated technology and interoperability

Short-term actions

Identify models and consensus to ensure every learner has access to a personal connected device inside and outside the classroom

Future actions

  • Pilot a BYOD programme in schools to develop appropriate policies and network controls
  • Extend and promote to other learning providers

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