Action E5: Birmingham e-Passport for lifelong learners

This idea is currently being discussed in the context of the Birmingham Baccalaureate and further work required to confirm its inclusion as an action.
Today learning happens everywhere and the skills learned outside of the formal curriculum are just as important to employers as qualifications. The e-passport (open source) will provide a virtual space to collect and highlight the achievement of a range of skills that young people develop through real-life learning projects, after-school clubs and outside experiences – all of which are important to employers in today’s digital world, but aren’t recognised by traditional qualifications.

Stakeholders identified

  • BMET Birmingham Baccalaureate
  • Birmingham City Council

Potential stakeholders

  • Learning providers
  • Employers
  • Pupil and student representatives

What makes this approach smart?

Ability to transfer learning achievements across sectors and systems and ability recognise emerging skills (future – proofing)

Short-term actions

Further discussion needed

Future actions

In development

Please comment...

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