Action E6: Building Smart Communities

Building on the award winning Social Media Surgeries this project aims to help communities to exploit the potential of open data and visualisation tools to support better decision making, interventions and planning. It aims to act as a catalyst for community and network creation around the support and use of open data for social good and connect open data advocates with community / third sector. In doing so it aims to support innovation and growth in communities; improve transparency, communication, efficiency and relationships and build skills and trust to co-create ideas for the use of information and new infrastructure. The open data work will be an extension of the social media surgeries in the city – helping us do two things: build on the digital skills being acquired by voluntary organisations in the city and help maintain the surgeries as a wider resource for the city. This project will help to create a level playing field in the use of data for third sector and community groups supporting organisations in how to use, publish and maintain open data and building data literacy. This includes use of tools that will support visualisations, identify trends and patterns to aid decision making, support commissioning of services etc.

Stakeholders identified to date

  • BCC
  • Digital Inclusion organisations
  • Open Data / community activists
  • Smart City Alliance
  • Third sector networks

What makes this approach smart?

Building a digitally inclusive and transparent society, encouraging bottom up engagement

Short-term actions

  • Research and training of open data champions through existing social media surgery networks
  • Organisation, co-ordination and delivery of open data training through social media surgeries
  • Promotion of surgeries, activities and dissemination of impact evaluation

Future actions

Develop sustainable programme of activity across the city

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