Action G1: Delivering new models of citizen centric digital health and care

The aim is to explore the potential of  customer focused digital technologies and new business models to support delivery of health and care services in new ways.  Particularly to address issues of integration, interoperability and adoption of digital services across informal and formal  processes. It will develop a range of project
areas that include:

  • Cooperation with Birmingham SMs such as Digital Life Sciences and Maverick TV with the aim of developing a Digital Health initiative for Birmingham
  • Building on existing initiatives in Birmingham, e.g., developing an integrated health folder for the Digital Log Book roll out during the Universal Credit Pilot; creation an “e-Redbook” – a digital version of the parent-held child health record that covers the 0-5 period
  • Support channel shift for GPs to enable them to offer remote consultations via video and help surgeries make better use of e-communications for appointment  bookings/cancellation, test results, etc.

Stakeholders identified to date

  • BCC
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
  • Birmingham SMEs
  • Health Care providers
  • Housing groups
  • Science City – Innovative Healthcare Working Group
  • Birmingham City University

What makes this approach smart?

Working towards stakeholder-led service transformation and integration of services and systems

Short-term actions

Work with Birmingham health and social care providers to develop a strategy for digital health and care focused on use of ‘consumer’ technologies and online services to transform health and care

Future actions

New business model and intervention to demonstrate delivery

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