Action G2: Improve care co-ordination and planning between family, community and professional care givers

The task of being an effective carer is highly demanding and complex. It requires significant knowledge of the patient and the network of provision around them. However, coordinating care between these disparate groups is very challenging. This lack of coordination creates sub-optimal care for the patient, increases costs in the system, and creates unnecessary stress for family and community carers.
The opportunity is to enable individuals and professional and non-professionals carers to self-support, co-ordinate and co-produce care. Part of this is by improving access to information and practical help, particularly via the internet and social media solutions.
This will be partly focused on making existing resources across the range of public provision, including the NHS and the publicly funded community sector, work in a more integrated way. This integration is in alignment with the broader public policy agenda around social care reform.
The other aspect is encouraging take-up of online tools that enable sharing of information and care responsibilities between professional and non-professional carers working with an individual person being cared for.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC
  • Carillion
  • Midland Heart
  • Care organisations and providers

Potential stakeholders

  • Community Navigators
  • Community Trusts
  • Birmingham SMEs

What makes this approach smart?

Working towards stakeholder-led service transformation and integration of services and systems

Short-term actions

User and market needs analysis study to identify potential project

Future actions

Develop business case for identified interventions / prototypes

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