Action G3: Services to improve digital skills of carers, cared for and older people to improve health & wellbeing

An ageing population and decreasing levels of social care services provided by the state mean that most people will need to take on a caring role during their lives. This can and often has a direct impact on the physical and mental health of carers.
Digital skills are invaluable to find information and support, address loneliness and isolation but also to use digital technologies to improve care and independent living of the elderly.
Improving the digital skills of carers and care workers will have multiple benefits for the carer and the cared for.

Stakeholders identified

  • Birmingham City Council – BCDA and Carers Centre
  • Birmingham City University
  • Digital Birmingham

Potential stakeholders

  • HealthWatch
  • Community Trusts
  • Care Homes
  • Third Sector e.g. Carer’s UK
  • Training Providers

What makes this approach smart?

• Exploiting digital technologies for quality of life

Short-term actions

  • Build on the Impact Evaluation of the EU DISCOVER Digital Skills for Carers Project ( to mainstream elearning for carers
  • Develop business case for potential commercial service
  • Link to e-passport in skills section re e-portfolios created for carers to record skills
  • Work with training providers re use of training/learning resources contextualised for caring
  • Develop models around the use of award winning Social Media Surgeries –
  • Scope Skills for Care proposal around young employed

Future actions

  • Embed digital skills within existing training providers material; Accreditation / certification of digital skills training material; scope delivery of commercial service
  • Deliver digital skills for carers service

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