Action G4: Challenge based social innovation programme for public health challenges

Obesity costs Birmingham £2.6bn each year including costs to the NHS, social care and wider economy. 40% of 10-11 year olds in Birmingham are overweight or obese. By focussing a series of public health challenges on childhood obesity we are addressing preventative action and developing the concept, which can be transferred to other areas of health challenges. The programme will work with the ERDF Creative Digital Solutions, Innovation Engine and Hub Launchpad and engage with citizens, community leaders and healthcare professionals and technology lead developers to identify solutions. This has the potential to use everyday technology to trigger behavioural change and enable better lifestyle choices. Addressing the ‘digital natives’ generation provides an opportunity to utilise consumer technology and data to help tackle a significant public health challenge.

Stakeholders identified to date

  • Accord Housing
  • Public Health – Birmingham City Council
  • Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Birmingham Science City
  • Digital Birmingham
  • Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
  • Innovation Birmingham Ltd

What makes this approach smart?

Exploiting digital technologies for quality of life, using data to create new insights and solutions

Short-term actions

Define process to manage public health challenges through involvement of communities

Future actions

Identify challenges with communities and public health leads through workshops; identify data sets; look at crowd sourced community funding schemes

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