Action G5: Visualisation of health and social care data to enhance knowledge and information and promote health & wellbeing

There is an opportunity to provide greater visibility and use of data and information in its widest forms, e.g. social data, medical outcomes data, public health data, patient experience data, hospital admissions data to enhance knowledge and information and promote health & wellbeing to citizens as well as wider stakeholders. Making high level data available to the public also encourages greater patient and public participation in health and social care issues, self-management of health and care and stimulating behaviour change. The latter is regarded as essential to the long-term sustainability of public health and social care provision. Digital platforms for capturing patient data and experience, and enabling peer-to-peer and professional sharing can be readily developed and used to share knowledge and understanding on issues like the management of long-term conditions.

Stakeholders identified

  • Birmingham City Council
  • Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Boilerhouse
  • Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
  • University Hospitals Birmingham
  • Birmingham City University, Aston University
  • Healthwatch
  • Links to Healthy Villages initiative

Potential stakeholders

  • Health organisations
  • Digital solution providers
  • Developers and data analysts, health informatics experts
  • Patient / health communities

What makes this approach smart?

Integration sources of data and information across multiple organisations

Short-term actions

  • ERC bid on predictive preventative healthcare
  • Scope project activity and partners
  • Workshop with data owners

Future actions

In development

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