Action H1: Energy data (open data) and visualisation

To source and release data about energy consumption as public open data where possible on Birmingham’s open data portal. Starting with BCC’s own data the next step will be to influence external data owners to release their data. Secondly to help individuals and organisations better understand their own energy usage, particularly how and when energy is used and comparison with that of similar households or buildings through energy dashboards and visualisation, with appropriate protection of individuals’ privacy. With this understanding we can identify solutions, generate new solutions and provide advice for change.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC Digital Birmingham and Climate Change and Sustainability Team
  • Birmingham City University

Potential stakeholders

  • Aston University and University of Birmingham
  • Birmingham Metropolitan College and University College Birmingham
  • Energy providers

What makes this approach smart?

Releasing open data and joining it up with data from other sectors to create new solutions

Short-term actions

  • Publish BCC data on Birmingham Open Data portal
  • Work with the Climate KIC-Transition project led by to create new building information for selected buildings in Eastside
  • Work with the Smart City Alliance and the Smarter Greener Eastside initiative to gain greater access to energy usage data in Eastside and make this available as open data
  • Clarify the scope of the Birmingham Energy Savers Resource Centre and what data will be published regarding progress of domestic retrofit, and connect this to BCC’s open data portal.

Future actions

  • Develop a citywide data / systems architecture for resource data (gas, electricity, heat, fuel, water, waste)
  • Engage with and encourage citywide public and private organisations to release energy data, review feasibility of gaining access to commercial data

One thought on “Action H1: Energy data (open data) and visualisation”

  1. Birmingham has made a start by the development of the Smart City Roadmap as well as identifying and agreeing to release some energy consumption data, but this is just the tip of the iceberg and more needs to be done. In particularly at a strategic/policy level and working with the City’s Strategic Partners as well as citywide public and private organisations to release their energy data sets, in the first instance, and actively support the development of the Birmingham Open Data Portal. Thus providing benefits not only to the City but more importantly benefits to citizens to enable them to make informed decisions about energy/fuel consumption that will support their health and well-being.

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