Action H2: Building Management

The correct use of Building Energy Management Systems (BMS/BEMS) for building automation and control can achieve significant carbon and cash savings. Therefore we aim to increase and improve the understanding and use of information gained from such systems for building professionals and building users from the public and private sectors, starting with BCC owned buildings and initially engaging the wider public and university sector to share experience and maximise impact. Activities will consider awareness campaigns, training and presentation of BEMS data to actors.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC
  • BCU
  • other Eastside building owners with education premises

What makes this approach smart?

Making best use of data and information for carbon saving and cross sector stakeholder engagement

Short-term actions

  • To deliver the project and build an energy dashboard for visitors and users of public buildings
  • Explore within BCC how we can reach the over 1000 operational buildings in our portfolio, the investment estate of rented out buildings and maintained schools buildings
  • To engage with universities and colleges in Eastside to develop a shared building energy management approach (demonstrator project).

Future actions

  • To work with exemplar owners of public buildings to make better use of existing BEMS.
  • Work through BCC’s portfolio to reach several hundred buildings. Explore cooperation with other stakeholders to run an information campaign.
  • Explore how to reach commercial building owners (developers, landlords, major tenants) to improve use of BEMS.
  • Create easy to use comparison tool for buildings energy consumption based on solution in the project.

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