Action H3: Estate Management Demonstrator

Managing energy across several buildings has the potential to balance supply and demand more efficiently and avoid distribution loss due to close proximity.
We will carry out a feasibility study to assess the potential carbon reduction and cost savings that could be made by implementing local import, export and short-term storage of low-carbon and renewable energy at a district or estate level. This requires the ability to measure, monitor and manage energy and heat consumption across several buildings and connection to the energy generation and storage systems in place.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC
  • BCU Building & Estate owners

Potential stakeholders

  • Network Utilities
  • Utility suppliers
  • Universities with central campus buildings
  • BEMS and ICT providers

What makes this approach smart?

System integration across a geographic area and extensive use of data for decision making

Short-term actions

  • Create a dedicated project proposal for developing and testing estate management solutions (e.g. Technology Strategy Board SBRI calls, JPI, Horizon 2020).
  • Explore measuring of electricity consumption and load balancing across entire estates through a monitoring and control platform and needs to link to energy performance contracts for cost reduction.

Future actions

Link to district energy developments and feedback research and project results

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