Action H4: School premises – energy efficiency

Birmingham’s schools are still responsible for a significant proportion of the Council’s carbon emissions. Electricity consumption is a particular issue as more ICT equipment is being provided into schools. The 348 schools buildings managed by BCC were responsible for 46% of the council’s carbon emissions in 2011-12.
The aim is therefore to stimulate the take-up of energy saving measures by schools through sharing energy and carbon performance management information and to integrate understanding of energy use and efficiency into the Science and ICT curriculum for the benefit of pupils. Through the Birmingham Energy Savers (BES) contract, Carillion has facilitated the opportunity to invest approximately £1m in energy efficiency measures in Birmingham’s schools estate in 2013/14. It is intended to be a pilot programme, with further phases being planned for future years.

Stakeholders identified to date

  • Carillion / BCC 
  • BCC Education & Skills Infrastructure
  • Head Teachers, Bursar/School Business Managers, School Governors,
  • Acivico

What makes this approach smart?

Extensive stakeholder collaboration and use of data and ICT to reduce carbon

Short-term actions

Delivery of pilot programme with up to 8 schools in 2013 and 2014.

Future actions

Extension of successful pilot to schools city wide

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