Action H5: Wellbeing and alleviating fuel poverty

Birmingham has a high proportion of households which are just above or in fuel poverty (defined as more than 10% of household income going towards energy bills). These households suffer lower wellbeing outcomes as a result of cold and damp conditions in their homes. In response BES will retrofit energy efficiency measures that have been shown to alleviate the financial pressure on households by improving the thermal performance of homes. The proposal is for a demonstrator project which enables improvements in wellbeing outcomes to be correlated with improvements in the thermal performance of homes and additional telecare facilities. The purpose is to generate and evaluate data from the heating and health systems to better understand and later roll out the most effective interventions.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC with Carillion Energy Services
  • BCC Housing
  • Housing Associations

Potential stakeholders

• Residents Associations
• Birmingham University
• Aston University – Bioenergy Research Group

What makes this approach smart?

Service and data integration across energy, health and housing sectors

Short-term actions

  • Reducing the demand for thermal energy through improved insulation and reduced infiltration through the building envelope, and more efficient domestic hot water systems.
  • Cost-efficient supply of thermal energy by switching energy source (from electricity), greater conversion efficiency and/or alternative energy sources such as on-site renewables.
  • Generating and monitoring data for households, impact evaluation

Future actions

  • Review data and recommend most effective solutions
  • Prepare wider roll-out

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