Action H6: Understand the benefits and implementation of intelligent energy infrastructure

Birmingham through its Green Commission has plans to expand district energy, create an energy strategy and look at local energy generation. In the future, local energy generation will require the integration of ICT with energy infrastructure (i.e. intelligent energy infrastructure) to monitor and manage energy production, distribution, storage and consumption e.g. Action G3 Estate Management. It also requires a greater understanding of national smart grid developments. We need to better understand the technical feasibility and the policy and legislative environment to make this happen. The action therefore is twofold, covering research and knowledge exchange and development of technical demonstrator projects.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC
  • Universities: BCU, Aston, Birmingham

Potential stakeholders

  • Energy providers
  • Solution providers
  • Housing and resident associations

What makes this approach smart?

Early stakeholder collaboration and reviewing system integration and interoperability needs

Short-term actions

Understand the role local authorities can play in enabling (similar to broadband market development) and how local energy generation relates to the grid

Future actions

  • Research the requirements for a network (connectivity, measuring points / sensors / actuators / links to national grid) that could support local (micro) energy generation, distribution and storage and what is needed to connect a neighbourhood. Link to Green Commission, district energy and CHP expansion.
  • Gain understanding of the developments of a national smart grid, which is a long-term evolution

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