Action I1: Birmingham Transportation Data Platform and Innovation Competition

To create a distributed mobility data platform of real time and historic data that will allow open access to data while protecting access to operationally sensitive data. The platform will support new services to be developed for internal and external use to better co-ordinate plans and activities such as emergency response and route planning .
To promote the use of the platform and data to stimulate innovation by local SMEs, potentially in the form of facilitating a competitive approach and supporting business collaboration.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC
  • National Express
  • Highways Agency
  • Centro
  • Amey
  • UTMC development group

Potential stakeholders

  • Data users and developers
  • WM local authorities
  • Police, Fire and Emergency services
  • SAP

What makes this approach smart?

Data and system integration and use of data for better city operations and externally driven innovation

Short-term actions

  • Scoping exercise with partners to identify demand and funding streams
  • Data Audit
  • Build Data architecture
  • Platform Test

Future actions

Platform operational; establish innovation programme

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