Action I3: Exploiting on-street way finding infrastructure

As part of the Big City Plan the Interconnect Project has created a new way finding system for visitors to navigate the city, which includes web information, maps and on-street signage through so called ‘totems’. These totems have the capacity to provide additional information and digital services to people in Birmingham, beyond map information e.g. activity discovery, local news, and sustainable travel information. This could be achieved through introduction of a third-party app.
We will explore how interactivity could be used in provision of services and build use of totem communications infrastructure into Birmingham’s major incident and emergency planning.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC
  • Marketing Birmingham
  • Interconnect Birmingham

Potential stakeholders

  • Birmingham Retail
  • Blue light services
  • SAP

What makes this approach smart?

  • Enhancing existing infrastructure’s usefulness through ICTs
  • Cross sector working between tourism, leisure, transport and health services

Short-term actions

Scoping exercise with potential partners to identify additional functionality and information to be included

Future actions

In development

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