Action I4: Junction Efficiency

Improve traffic flow by optimising key traffic signals in the city. This will be achieved through analysing data related to junction use and vehicle movements. This relies on continued development of the Birmingham Highways Maintenance and Management System (BHMMS). In subsequent phases, integrate information from related sources such as weather, cultural events and social media; make the resulting information available through the Transport Open Data Platform (Action H1) and consider exploiting predictive technology to enable intelligent signalling at junctions and manage demand by informing travellers through mobile devices. Such approaches have been shown to reduce congestion at key locations, and throughout road networks in cities such as Singapore and Stockholm.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC
  • Amey
  • IBM

Potential stakeholders

Public and private transport operators

What makes this approach smart?

Exploiting data from many sources and move towards best use of data analysis for city monitoring and operating

Short-term actions

  • Work with the City Council and key stakeholders to identify strategy requirements, develop outcomes and undertake the necessary implementation to support this.
  • Data audit
  • Develop event responses
  • Integrate new data streams, traffic control network

Future actions

  • Develop business case for predictive systems and find finance
  • Implement predictive, pro-active junction management
  • Develop consumer information & tools

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