Action I5: Freight Capacity utilisation

Although road freight accounts for just 6% of the West Midlands traffic, delays to its movement account for 30% of the total economic impact (£600m). And in particular Birmingham’s retail centres attract a great deal of delivery traffic. Road congestion, particularly on the strategic network, is a major issue for Birmingham’s residents and businesses.
We therefore aim create new solutions that will improve the use of spare freight capacity through data collection and demand aggregation thus reducing the number of vehicles on the road and that allow freight operators to travel more efficiently through the city.

Stakeholders identified


Potential stakeholders

  • Retailers
  • Primary logistics operators
  • Secondary logistics operators
  • Road Haulage association
  • Customers ordering a delivery
  • SAP

What makes this approach smart?

  • Encouraging new solutions based on data aggregation and interpretation
  • Stakeholder engagement along and across supply chain

Short-term actions

  • Engaging stakeholders to create common understanding
  • Mapping and analysing city freight vehicle routes
  • Publish freight route data on Transportation Data Platform (H1)
  • Innovation competition with journey data

Future actions

  • Create mechanisms for paid use of spare capacity
  • Review requirement for freight facilities linked to Green Roadmap consolidation centres

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