Action I6: Smart Street Lighting

Street lighting is a standalone operation that has changed little since electrification. Although sensors and LED bulbs have increased control and decreased energy use in the last decade, the network remains isolated from other city systems. This creates additional management and maintenance costs and limits the use of street lighting as a near-ubiquitous on-street asset. The aim is to further decrease energy use while increasing capability of street lighting by moving to Power- and Light-over-Ethernet for LED street lighting.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC
  • Amey

Potential stakeholders

  • Cisco
  • Phillips
  • amBX
  • PureVLC

What makes this approach smart?

  • Integration of physical infrastructure and ICT for enhanced use
  • Integration with other city systems

Short-term actions

  • Policy, legal and regulatory review re governance of street lighting
  • Trial focussed on major streets, key destinations, iconic buildings
  • Develop ecosystem of innovators / SMEs to exploit new capabilities

Future actions

  • Rollout and exploitation; integration of street lights with other systems and services
  • An integrated street lighting system that will enable integration with CCTV, emergency services and other public systems, networks and services.
  • Enhanced city connectivity by supporting Li-Fi (data delivered by light).

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