Better links and sign posting across Birmingham.

Stephenson St Tram. Creative Commons BirminghamNewsRoom
Stephenson St Tram. Creative Commons BirminghamNewsRoom

Some peoples sense of direction have always been better than others and getting lost when visiting somewhere new, or even getting all mixed up when leaving a familiar place but by an unfamiliar exit is some peoples (my mom’s) fear whenever they have to visit  a big city.

My answer to this is to research ahead, know the routes I need to take in advance, Or stride through places with confidence, furtively glancing as signs  faking it until I make it where I need to be.

For others they need something more visual, and that’s why Action  I3 is to exploit the cities way finding infrastructure, as set out in the Interconnect Project, of the Big City Plan.

This would be through really visual interactive maps, signage etc on “totems”, A similar system has already proved popular in the new, New Street station

This case study in the Roadmap highlights this:

During the refurbishment of New Street Station Network Rail developed new touch screen wall displays for rail travellers. It is the first time this touchscreen technology has been introduced into a managed station providing up to date timetable information.

The interactive screens can be linked with third party servers to
provide up to date tram information when the metro goes live. It will then provide multi-modal transport information as well  as city maps and assisting  wayfinding out of the station.

Their successful introduction has launched an initiative investigating use of the new touch screens at the major national stations that Network Rail operates.

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