Cashless payments via your mobile phone in shops

Cash Register. Creative Commons Tony Hall

Cash Register. Creative Commons Tony Hall

Cash, credit card, debit card and gift vouchers are all ways we’re used to paying for goods and services in shops and cafes, but recently, I’ve noticed more and more places displaying the Droplet symbol in their windows as a payment option.  A cashless payment method from your phone?

Intrigued I started looking into it and download the app to my phone. it’s really simple, you put money onto your droplet account from your bank account and when you want to pay for something you whip out your phone and send a payment. Your phone will suggest retailers based on your location, you select the correct one, stick in the amount and your done.  The atotal gets deducted from your balance and  you off.

It takes seconds, I couldn’t believe how quick it made the check out process.

It started in Birmingham and is now available to use in over 200 shops, cafes etc across Birmingham and London – and I personally hope more and more retails jump on board!

This is the case study direct from the roadmap:

One example of a successful connectivity-oriented business in Birmingham is Droplet, which launched in 2012. Droplet is a smart phone application that allows users to load money directly from their bank account to their phone.

They can then pay for in less than 5 seconds using their Droplet account (e.g. at coffee shops); saving the customer and shop time at the point of sale and offering them with a social networking opportunity at the same time.

Transactions are highly secure and the platform provides merchants with a promotional channel direct to its customers.There are no transaction fees for either the merchant or end user and Droplet provides the perfect opportunity to move towards an ideal cashless business environment.

After just one year since launch, Droplet is already available in Birmingham and London, with thousands of users and a rapidly-growing community of more than 300 shops and services taking part – including Chiltern Railways’ on-train catering service.

Based at Innovation Birmingham, business models such as Droplet depend on reliable connectivity – at all times.

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