Social Media Surgeries.

Birmingham Social Media Surgery. Creative Commons Podnosh
Birmingham Social Media Surgery. Creative Commons Podnosh

Podnosh is a Birmingham SME. Five years ago, its ambition to nurture  smarter communities saw Podnosh  set up the award winning social media  surgeries. These have helped nearly 600 community and voluntary organisations from 20 Birmingham neighbourhoods make better use of  the web, and have grown into an international network.

The surgeries have become places where active citizens and public servants collaborate to learn new digital skills and build better networks.

Podnosh is now  keen to incorporate knowledge of open data to the surgeries to help create a level playing field in the use of data, enabling:

  • Neighbourhood Forums to develop their neighbourhood plan – giving them access to the same data and tools to tell the ‘data story’ of their neighbourhood to BCC.
  • Patient groups like HealthWatch to understand how to use health and demographic information to influence policy makers, campaign for changes in services or argue for entirely new ways to help people.
  • Charity groups like Age Concern Birmingham to have new ways to find and share information on: the requirements of their beneficiaries’ (who need their services most); where they are located; and evidence to boost campaign activity and lobbying.

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