Event: An invitation to partner with the TSB’s Transport Systems Catapult


12:45pm: Registration, networking, lunch

1:05pm: Presentation by Alex Burrows, Head of Innovation Challenges, Transport Systems Catapult

1:25pm: Q&A session, chaired by Dave Mullin, Chief Innovation Officer, Transport Systems Catapult

1:45pm: Networking, lunch

2:10pm: Close

The Transport Systems Catapult forms part of an elite network of seven technology and innovation centres established and overseen by the Technology Strategy Board. Together, they represent a £1bn public and private sector investment over the next five years.

The Transport Systems Catapult will support UK industry in exploiting the massive global market for new products and services that will drive the integration of transport and its systems.

This event will inform SMEs about the Catapult’s 10 Innovation Challenges and the drive to partner with companies in an investment capacity. Up to £50,000 can be invested in innovative projects that will contribute to the UK’s vision of being a global leader for intelligent mobility.

The Transport Systems Catapult is keen to build up a balanced portfolio of projects in these 10 areas:

  • Improving the traveller experience at transport modal interchanges
  • Minimising the impact of disruption through use of adjacent transport networks
  • Incentivising the provision of a seamless journey through modal interchanges
  • Providing personalised contextualised, trusted, information that improves the traveller experience
  • Developing insight from transport system information to improve the performance of the network
  • Offering end to end mobility as a service
  • Integrating quality of life and city economy benefits into transport decisions
  • Enabling whole journey accessibility of transport systems
  • Taking a systems approach to investment and policy in transport infrastructure
  • Delivering seamless freight


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