Brum’s young digital makers in the making

YRS Focus group meeting

A couple of weeks ago Digital Birmingham, Lara Ratnaraja, BBC, Birmingham City University and Arts Council West Midlands ran a focus group that brought together some of the local young people and mentors that have been involved in Young Rewired State (YRS)– National Festival of Code. The aim was to see how we could build on the exciting work that had started through YRS and run more regular activities and events throughout the year (you can take a look at the summary of the feedback here). Following on from this, the BBC held its first regular get together in the public space of the Mailbox bringing together young local coders and designers, in fact anyone under the age of 18 keen to learn new digital skills, supported by mentors to look at how they can make use of open data and their creative skills to solve real world challenges, through the development of apps etc. There are now regular meetings planned the last Saturday of the month and though it’s early days yet in the long term, we would like to see how we can help the young people take some of these products to market through crowdfunding schemes and also help broker relationships with prospective employers that will help foster and hold on to the regions talent. This is driving forward the Smart City roadmap action under skills, which aims to strengthen the network of self-taught coders, programmers & digital designers. For more information email:


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