How Big Data Will Break Traditional Business Intelligence Teams

The war has raged for as long as anyone can remember. Through countless cycles of off-shoring, acquisitions, out-sourcing, mergers and technological change; the battle between the standardisers and the disruptors has continued within companies all over the world.

The Standardisers

Brought up on a strict dogma of “don’t repeat yourself (DRY)” and “one version of the truth”, they pride themselves on efficiency and purity. There will only be one way to do anything, and each thing will be done by only one team. The result will be only one set of data regarding what has been done. Audits will be simple, metrics will be easy to calculate, the numbers will always add up and handing change will be — “I’m sorry, handling cha…what?”

The Disruptors

The disruptors, do not directly disagree with the standardisers, after all, the standardisers’ logic is hard to argue with. However, the disruptors were brought up on different doctrines. They prefer to “Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS)” and “ask for forgiveness, not permission”. They prefer to make money, rather than to save money.

The disruptors want to extend the company’s frontier rather then engage in direct conflict with the standardisers. The standardisers are often to be found chasing disruptors across newly gained territory, hoping one day to catch up. Occasionally though, a band of intrepid disruptors run into a native standardiser settlement. When that happens, things can get messy.

And so the war rumbles on, across open fields of Sales, canyons of new Product Development, oceans of IT and the dark and ominous forests of Human Resources and Legal.


Post written by Innovation Birmingham Campus based, Daniel Thompson
Daniel is the founder of Tech start-up – D4 Software and the creator of QueryTree. You can follow him on twitter: @d4nt and read more of his blog posts here>>

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