Women in Tech

The Innovation Birmingham Campus welcomed 60 females to its inaugural Women In Tech event. The event brought together female tech entrepreneurs, coders, programmers and digital media specialists.

Four leaders in their field delivered presentations about their experiences of working in the tech industry. Jodie Cole spoke about the reasons why she co-founded Clever Tykes; a series of children’s storybooks, which introduce children to entrepreneurial and tech skills from a young age. Jessica Rose from Innovation Birmingham Campus-based global search engine specialist Majestic SEO delivered a presentation about developing programming skills in order to further her career. Helana Santos, Lead Programmer at digital gaming company Modern Dream, focused her talk on on the experiences of being a woman in a male-dominated industry. The final speaker was Rachel McCollin; web designer and author of a series of WordPress guides. Rachel spoke about her journey from being employed to becoming an entrepreneur.

The event was organised and hosted by Michelle Rayner, Innovation Birmingham’s Entrepreneurs for the Future Programme Manager. The food was provided by Birmingham-based ChangeKitchen, founded by another respected female entrepreneur; Dr. Birgit Kehrer.

To view all the photos from the event click here>>

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