New: Topical Trust Flow – Full Web Categorisation

In April Majestic announced that they have categorized the whole web. Not just by website – but every page and sub-domain as well. Majestic are showing data for the whole of our Fresh Index – data seen over the last 90 days of web crawling. It is the intention to extend this to its Historic index as well in the near future.

This is a huge leap forward for outreach and inbound marketers, advertising strategists, PR professionals, business analysts, SEOs and no doubt new audiences as well. Previously, the only practical way to look at a set of websites by category was to take them from a manually reviewed directory like the Open Directory Project. If a site was not in there, then it wasn’t classified. If it WAS in there, the whole site was usually tarred with the same category.

Now, we can show the proximity of any page within a site to any topic and we can show the trust we put in our prediction with a new score: Topical Trust Flow.

Post written by Dixon Jones, Marketing Director, Majestic SEO

Read the full post on the Innovation Birmingham website HERE>> 

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