Heritage & Culture Open Data Challenge Data Workshop (in London)

This is a free workshop next week…  Tuesday, 21st October, 2014 – to register and find location go to this Eventbrite page.

The Open Data Challenge Series invites you to take part in the Heritage & Culture Open Data Challenge Data Workshop. The Heritage & Culture Open Data Challenge will invite participants to use open data to create solutions addressing problems or issues in this sector.

Over the coming weeks, we will compile a bank of open data related to heritage and culture. This bank of open data will form the main ‘raw material’ for the challenge and will be drawn from data.gov.uk, individual organisation websites and personal recommendations. Once the data is compiled, the session on 21st October will explain how we have rated the data, how it will be used in the challenge and will give data publishers some pointers on how they could improve the quality and rating of their open data.

This session is designed to be practical – particularly for those people in relevant organisations who work directly with the data, preparing it to be shared. After the session, we hope to build ongoing relationships with data owners to ensure the improvements made to the data continue to be shared with potential participants in the challenge and to enable them, as data owners to have oversight of the ways in which your data is being used.

Contact – If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch by tweeting us @ODChallenges or drop us an emai at opendata@nesta.org.uk

Hat tip Simon Whitehouse.



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