SOUL-FI is a FIWARE Accelerator, funded by the European Commission within the FI-PPP (, supported by Digital Birmingham, it aims to grow and enhance web-based, innovative solutions for smarter urban life of EU citizens.SOUL-FI will provide start up funding (open calls for € 5 million grants!) and targeted support services to talented entrepreneurs for bringing new products (web based apps and services) into the market.
This call is aimed at SMEs and web entrepreneurs proposing promising innovative ideas using FIWARE Technology (, with clear social and economic value.SOUL-FISelected projects will benefit from:

  1. Dedicated grants (€10.000 for Round A call, up to €75.000 for Round B call)
  2. Open, large scale, real world testing facilities (demonstrators – Round B) for most appealing solutions
  3. Tutoring , Mentoring/ Coaching, Matchmaking/ Networking support services
  4. Fund raising support for additional financing steps
APPLY NOW!There are various cut off dates, please select the links for more details:

  1. Round A: 31.Oct.2014; 28.Feb.2015; 26.Jun.2015
  2. Round B: 28.Feb.2015; 26.Jun.2015; 16.Oct.2015

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