That Recruitment Company do superfast business with superfast broadband


Birmingham and West Midlands businesses can claim a connection voucher worth up to £3,000 to connect to superfast broadband through the SuperConnected Cities scheme run by Digital Birmingham.

To claim their voucher SMEs need only get three quotes from suppliers (find the top suppliers in Birmingham here) and complete a short application form. All they pay is the VAT and line rental.

Businesses in Birmingham already benefiting from superfast broadband

Hundreds of businesses are already signed up to the scheme in industries as diverse as recruitment, advanced manufacturing, repairs & maintenance and creative/media.

It’s enabling them to grow more quickly, reach more customers and markets and operate more efficiently.

That Recruitment Company, a Jewellery Quarter-based recruitment firm, signed up to ensure they had a crystal-clear connection to their contacts in Holland.

They do most of their business serving the Dutch IT and engineering markets of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and, as MD Chris Stringer says:

“Because we work with companies abroad we spend a lot of our day calling abroad. As a start up the cheapest and most cost-effective way to do that is through internet phones.”

Having internet phones means That Recruitment Company need a reliable, secure and constant broadband service otherwise ‘the phones don’t ring when they’re meant to’.

After signing up for the scheme, Chris says that:

“With this grant we’ve been able to have broadband which is better than anywhere I’ve ever worked previously and better than any of our competitors have as well.”

Watch other SMEs in Birmingham tell their superfast broadband story.

Visit the dedicated superfast broadband website to find out more about the scheme and what you need to apply.

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