Innovation Birmingham Campus-based Majestic comes 2nd in the Midlands in Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50 awards

MajesticInnovation Birmingham Campus’ largest tenant – has come second in the Midlands, and 17th overall, in the Deloitte Fast 50 awards programme, which took place last night. In five years, the web index creator’s turnover has grown by 1,571 per cent.

Majestic’s web index is far larger than Yahoo’s ever was, being the largest global commercially available link index available. Its client portfolio includes some of the best known international technology brands, who use the Topical Trust Flow product to rank and analyse the influence of all online web and twitter pages.

Having been based at the Innovation Birmingham Campus since its inception, Majestic has just expanded the size of its office to over 3,000 sq ft, to accommodate its growing team of 20 and suite of servers.

Vijay Thakrar, Technology Partner for Deloitte’s Midlands region said: “The Deloitte Fast 50 gives great profile to technology companies and is internationally recognised as being one of the most important business awards in the sector. Achieving sustained revenue growth of 1,571 per cent over five years is a tremendous accomplishment – Majestic has proven that its leadership has the vision and determination to grow in competitive conditions and its exceptional growth puts it in select company.”

Majestic’s groundbreaking specialist search engine has been designed to categorise the entire World Wide Web, eradicating the need for manually categorised website directories. Its purpose-designed technology continuously crawls the web in order to map links between websites. Over seven hundred billion web pages – including all Twitter accounts – are filtered into 800 topics to enable easy analysis and comparison. Trust Flow scores are also provided, where higher rankings are achieved by having links directly relevant to a web page.

Majestic’s search engine is multi-lingual and enables analysis of the web to be fully automated. For organisations that want to boost their own web presence, it provides clear results as to which sites are more influential to link to, without actually viewing any web pages.

Dixon Jones, Marketing Director of Majestic said: “Our company has experienced considerable growth because we are passionate about creating brand new technology for a global audience. Being recognised in Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50 awards is a great accolade for Majestic, especially since we’ve ranked higher than well-known brands such as, Just Eat plc and Sky Scanner.

“Our Topical Trust Flow product provides analysis on every live page on the World Wide Web and every Twitter account. Currently, this is over seven hundred billion pages, but the number increases by the minute. If you want to know who the most influential politicians are on twitter, we can tell you in an instant. While Google continues to make advancements, it does not have a feature similar to our Trust Flow scoring mechanism, so comparing how influential Twitter accounts and web pages are is a functionality we lead on, globally.”

Topical Trust Flow is designed to assist outreach and inbound marketeers, advertising strategists, PR professionals and business analysts. When comparing two of the world’s most influential Twitter accounts; Lady Gaga and Barack Obama, there is virtually no overlap in the topics that they rank most highly for, but their overall Trust Flow scores are very similar.

For advertisers, the new search engine can decipher the topic of every web page, so can inform which messaging is likely to be most effective to the audience.

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