Transforming Care – Call for Participation

International Congress: Transforming Care – London February 2015
ICT and digital, citizen centric solutions for better care provision

On 24 February 2015, the International Congress – Transforming Care is being held at De Vere Venues – Holborn Bars, in London, UK. This is bringing together health and care professionals, practitioners, carer organisations, policy makers and academia to discuss and further advance the uptake and innovative use of digital technologies to enhance care provision and support services for carers and the leaders who will redefine health, wellbeing and care systems.


It will share findings and results from the European (CIP-ICT-PSP) project DISCOVER that is challenging existing practices to create accessible learning solutions for carers and care workers to improve care provision through unique training methodologies and use of ICT solutions.

The Congress will include Ministerial address, high profile speakers from across Europe and a range of interactive and participative sessions providing the platform for discussion and debate to exchange ideas and discuss concrete solutions to improve and deliver the best possible digital inclusion and services for carers as well as share lessons from successes and failures across the wider care sector and international activity.

As part of this event, we are also inviting short position papers and posters proposals describing initiatives undertaken to advance the use of digital technologies to support care provision and services including training in ‘skills for home care’ and ‘connected care’. There is also the opportunity for organisations with innovative products and services to participate in the digital showcase

For more information about the event and call, please visit or download the information leaflet here

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