Giving young Brummies the keys to power via social innovation

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of 10 very nervous MP’s knees knocking as 2015 will see the city head to the polls. This could be the year the youth of Birmingham finally stamp their authority on the people who make the decisions in Europe’s youngest city.

If you didn’t know, Social Breakfast is a young person’s civic action organisation based in the West Midlands, we run a whole bunch of youth led campaigns ranging from decision maker accountability to financial confidence. We do this by creating a youth led environment that offers a range of volunteering opportunities, give young people a digital podium in order to share their views and finding funding for weird and wonderful projects that will not engage but excite them to affect the wider community, both here and abroad.

Success comes with collaboration so let’s open our minds and use our strengths as social innovators to provide people with opportunities to ignite activism. We have a range of incoming projects from City of Code which looks at creative industries to create social micro projects and we are looking in to new ways of interacting with organisation in Europe and beyond by developing new techniques in regards to digital exchange.

My name is Nathan and I invite you to take part in a year of digital activism with Social Breakfast, giving young Brummies a voice that will echo long after 2015.

Nathan Coyle

Twitter: @nathan_coyle // //

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