Why Birmingham Needs to Jam…


We’ve all been there, experienced a mediocre or poor service and felt that it could be delivered so much better if only they had thought about this or developed that. Unless you’re that super driven entrepreneurial type, rarely do we ever take these thoughts any further or find a space where we can build upon these ideas. Instead, we simply carry on and accept mediocre services that seldom solve the intended problem even though what we think or feel about these experiences are completely relevant and could actually be translated into something of real value if developed in the right environment.

The Global Service Jam is that environment and takes the form of a high energy, fun-filled 48 hour challenge where you work in a team and come up with ideas for services that actually solve real human problems.

As the public sector shifts towards providing services that are digital by default, to meet that challenges of the 21st century, it is of increasing importance that services are designed with those real human needs at the heart. The basis of the Service Jam is human centred design. Participants learn the principles of how to unearth those unspoken thoughts and feelings from people, synthesis them into a real understanding of the problem. It provides the right environment for people from all different backgrounds to bring their skills, personalities and ideas to collaboratively build innovative solutions with the potential to have real impact in just 48 hours.

The Spaghetti Jams community believe that more exposure to this way of thinking and working will inspire and empower Birmingham to implement the changes needed to build better services. Cities around the world have been doing this for years and it’s time to introduce this community to Birmingham. Birmingham’s first Service Jam 27th February to 1st March at Impact Hub in Digbeth.

Book online http://spaghettijam.eventbrite.co.uk and follow us on twitter @spaghettijams

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