Our first annual report: the Birmingham Smart City Alliance 2013-2015

Birmingham Smart City Alliance

(Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall opening the Harborne Food School, with founders Robert Smith and Shaleen Meelu. The Food School is one of the initiatives the Birmingham Smart City Alliance has supported over the last two years)

In February 2013, IBM, SCC, Millennium Point and Innovation Birmingham – then known as Birmingham Science Park Aston – agreed to form a “Birmingham Smart City Alliance” as a collaboration to stimulate and support “smart” projects and initiatives in Birmingham.

Our inspiration was the work of Kelvin Campbell, the architect of Birmingham’s “Big City Plan”. Kelvin designs cities according to the “Massive / Small” principle: successful cities create “massive” amounts of the “small”-scale innovations that make a difference to people, businesses and communities.

We realised that we could help Birmingham become more successful at “Massive / Small” innovation by collaborating in a focused way on the “Smart City” agenda and making…

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