Smart City Commission Journey

Follow the journey of Birmingham Smart City Commission through past meeting notes and papers.


Papers / presentations:

  1. East Birmingham Corridor Demonstrator-FCC.SW
  2. Incubator developments and activities-iCentrum Update-DH
  3. Incubator developments and activities-STEAMhouse update-JB
  4. Smart City Commission Governance-Executive and Smart Board for GBSLEP Region-DB.RM
  5. Smart City Commission Governance-Refresh Proposal-DB-v1.0
  6. Birmingham Smart City Activity Tracker 2015-16-14.01.16-v1.2


Papers / presentations:

  1. Data Workshop Update
  2. A Roadmap Framework for East Birmingham
  3. IOT Demonstrator-WM Regional Bid & other DB Bids
  4. Birmingham Smart City Activity Tracker 2015-16-v1
  5. The WMP2020 Blueprint


Papers / presentations:

  1. Future Council Programme
  2. E Birmingham Demonstrator-FCC
  3. Release of data-DB
  4. Open Data-Boilerhouse
  5. Refresh of Smart City Commission-DB
  6. Overview of Bids-DB


Papers / presentations:

  1. Thematic Presentations-Mobility-Amey
  2. Thematic Presentations-Health-Tim Jones
  3. Thematic Presentations-Skills-David Hardman
  4. Eastern Corridor-Spatial Context and challenges-DBLT
  5. Lessons from elsewhere-LD Arup


Papers / presentations:

  1. Discussion Paper_Birmingham Smart City_Effective_Commission_Working_04_11_14 FINAL




8 thoughts on “Smart City Commission Journey”

  1. Is it possible to see the presentations from the June 15th 2015 meeting of the Commission. They look like they are linked into the notes but clicking on them doesn’t launch anything.


    1. Hi Patrick.
      I was unaware that with the basic software I have the renamed links would not work when the original Word document was converted to PDF.
      I have now edited and uploaded a revised document with the full url address.
      Should all work now 🙂 Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Just done a little more research. This problem also applies to the previous set of notes (which again has interesting presentations). It appears that with long https addresses – it only launches the first line of the address. I have worked out a work around where I copy the separate lines into a word document and piece them together – and I am not sure why this is happening as I don’t think it happens on my blog….but will check.

  3. Just done a bit more investigation. I am assuming you are writing the minutes in word and converting to PDF. It seems when I convert word to pdf – it can’t cope with long web addresses? What I do is rather than put the whole address into the document – I set up a hyperlink to a short word – so I often say you can find the document ‘here’ where ‘here’ is set up as a hyperlink to the full web address. This seems then to work when converted to pdf. Hope this helps


  4. Hi Patrick. Sorry for all the trouble you’re having. The issue appeared to be the opposite way around for me; i.e. when I converted Word to PDF the shortened hyperlink wouldn’t work and only the full address does. But it does appear to be only working for me. I will need to do quite a bit more digging around and seek some more expert help. Or at least link all the presentations separately in the blog. I will try and sort this as soon as possible, but I am quite busy at the moment, so please bear with me. Again, many apologies! 😦

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