These are actions which use smart approaches to make Birmingham a better place to live and work.  You can find a written list and the the background through this pdf.  Click on the links below to read the full action and comment on it if you wish.

Health and Social Care

A city where new models digital health care, focussed on individuals, is making it easier for  people to manage their own health and their own care.  It allows them to make good use of data and for health professionals to better share the right information.

ICT and Energy Efficiency

More decentralised energy production will be encouraged and supported with smart technology and infrastructure. This will lead to a more efficient use of local resources and greater control over the use of energy at home, at work and in public places.


Birmingham is easier to get around.  A focus on better journey planning and information minimises congestion, time spent travelling and air and noise pollution. Whether on four wheels, two, on foot or public transport, get around is a better experience.

A place to share ideas and developments for a Smarter Birmingham