The actions below are designed to help Birmingham be a city where knowledgeable, connected and flexible people can work together to solve social problems and create wealth.   For more detail on our background thinking about this please read this section of the document.

We have grouped the specific action around the following three themes:

Digital Inclusion

A city where everyone is enjoying the benefits of being online or having easy access to those who are online. One where people can use connectivity to organise their lives as they wish and gain access to work, support and new opportunities.

Skills and Employment

The city will have strengthened the digital and networking skills needed for work, whether with large employers, small businesses or self employment.  It will make it easier for local people to find high value work and for businesses to meet their customers demands.


Residents and businesses come together to make the most of the skills and infrastructure available in the city. New ideas emerge from within the city and from connections across the world and are applied to solving social and economic problems.

A place to share ideas and developments for a Smarter Birmingham