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Action F2: Embedding smart city principles in procurement

Digital Birmingham will work with BCC’s Procurement Services to embed smart city principles in procurement/commissioning; particularly where it has an infrastructure, technology or data element. This includes guidance and training to departmental buyers on data ownership and open data requests, compliance with interoperability standards and focusing on service integration at the design stage for specifications. Existing assets (infrastructure, data) should be exploited and re-used where possible. This will support service transformation through service integration and external innovation.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC Procurement Services
  • BCC service areas and budget holders
  • Legal services
  • Procurement training providers
  • ┬áCompliance managers

Potential stakeholders

Other councils and public sector organisations may also be interested in sharing learning in this area

What makes this approach smart?

Stakeholder led service transformation and transforming the city’s operating model

Short-term actions

  • Roll-out commissioning toolkit for all internal staff and develop and enhance in-house procurement training
  • Develop contract management toolkit for wider use within and external to BCC
  • Include BCC ownership of data into contract templates

Future actions

  • Restructure commissioning function into thematic areas of excellence, which focus on key Council outcomes and must contribute to the outcomes
  • Develop central PQQ database and availability of grant management and spend data